My pool view at the Doubletree, Del Mar! 

My pool view at the Doubletree, Del Mar! 

As WIkipedia puts it, “a portmanteau of ‘stay’ and ‘cation’” and it’s my favorite thing to do when I’m desperately in need to get out of my own head for a minute.

My favorite place to stay is the DoubleTree in Del Mar, CA. It’s far enough from my hometown, but close enough to work that I don’t have to stress about getting around too much. I pack an overnight bag with basic pampering essentials and take off!

I love to pack a simple, oversized dress than I can lounge around in and a few things to work on while I’m staying in. This one is from Old Navy and it’s super light and flowy. Light enough that I can use it as a nightgown if I really want to. (I usually stay up late enough where I don’t really have a choice, but to fall asleep in it!)

My essentials! Planner, notebook, Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream for an intense mask, light make-up, American Apparel gym bag, computer, and Tatcha rice enzyme powder face wash! 

My essentials! Planner, notebook, Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream for an intense mask, light make-up, American Apparel gym bag, computer, and Tatcha rice enzyme powder face wash! 

I know it sounds a little bizarre to “work” while taking time to pamper and whatnot, but I get so much work done! The pool at the DoubleTree is surrounded by trees, so you truly feel like you’ve been transplanted into another place.

If you’ve never tried taking a night off and spending in a nice hotel or bed in breakfast - give it a go! If you have the means, of course. The way I look at is I would normally pay about $90.00 a week on therapy, with very little results, and with one night for about $150.00 I instantly feel relaxed and I get work done. It’s not something I indulge in all the time, maybe a few times a year, and I never regret it. There are so many ways to get deals - and if you’re super sweet to the front desk they usually give you a few deals when you check in. The Doubletree always delivers when I stay there, and totally recommend them if you’re near one.

Del Mar, CA 

Del Mar, CA 


so a little announcement for those that don't follow me on social media....


I'm SO excited to be traveling with the lovely TuCamino Travel . All the photos above are from their website, AND please check out their promo video:

"The mission of TuCamino, literally meaning "your way" or "your path," is to offer a unique travel experience geared specifically toward women. Our tours in Costa Rica and Mexico include yoga, surfing, nature exploration, community service, and so much more. We aim to foster meaningful relationships and provide true immersion in the local community, while always leaving behind a positive footprint."

I could not be more excited about this trip. I would never have expected myself to want to travel to a tropical place, but ever since I came upon TuCamino's website it's all I've been thinking about. I am really excited to help the local community in Puerto Viejo and help create a new community of women on this trip. I'm going to learn how to surf, explore jungles, and learn about the culture and customs of the locals. I'm also really excited to try new fare! 

Over the next couple of months I'll be taking this blog on a little journey while I prepare myself and my body for this new adventure. I want to give a proper introduction to the founder and extraordinary woman, Nena Ocampo, and how wonderfully easy she's made the booking process. I also want to talk about building self-esteem and why I was particularly attracted to an all women's resort, rather than a co-ed like Contiki. 

BUT, if you're interested in joining me on this wonderful journey and you want to see Costa Rica for yourself, TuCamino is offering a special 10% off for the month of October and a few other ways to get discounts. If you sign up for their newsletter you automatically get $100.00USD off! Click here to send an inquiry and Nena will send you an email with all the details!! 

I can't wait to visit a new place and share my experiences with all of you. Maybe I'll get around to making a YouTube channel before I leave! Vlogging? It's what the kids do!